Gear Up for Your Future provides STEM resources, instruction, and hands-on STEM experiences to under-served students, propelling students towards meaningful intellectual and social entrepreneurial pursuits. I created Gear Up for Your Future to pay forward the value I have gleaned from studying STEM and, specifically, robotics so students who have not had intensive coursework in or exposure to robotics and technology can develop the skills needed for a future hurtling towards technological innovation. The support that Gear Up for Your Future and its sponsors lend to students is vital to inspiring young innovators, mathematicians, and researchers about the vibrant and evolving world of STEM.



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Samuel Stamler

About Samuel Stamler

Founder & Director of Curiosity

Samuel is a member of the class of 2018 at Stuyvesant High School in NYC where he is a dedicated member of StuyPulse FIRST Robotics Team. The Founder of Business Sparks, an organization which invites business leaders and innovators to discuss evolving trends via podcast, Samuel is interested in the dynamic educational and business environments of both Silicon Alley and established NYC businesses.  In addition to his interest in Robotics and business, Samuel volunteers as a member of the Big Sibs program, enjoys music, playing the violin, and playing Varsity baseball. Samuel is thankful to his sponsors who make it possible to provide resources to under-served students enabling them to pursue their interests in robotics, STEM and related creative business ventures.


Advisory Board


Marc E. Howard

Software Engineer, Google

Dr. Yonatan Abranyos

City University of New York, Hunter College, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Stephan Donelain

Technology Innovator





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